Velocity Effect

Brand Strategy

We’re good at moving your organization forward.

But this is one area where we recommend you take a step back. If your brand strategy is not solid, the thousands of leads we generate through digital marketing won’t be effective. This is where “moving fast in the right direction” comes in.

We walk you through a proven process to precisely determine what sets your organization apart, and help you discover your true brand promise and personality. Then we collaborate to create a checklist of things your logo and tagline should accomplish. This ensures that every design option we offer will hit the mark.

Your brand encompasses every touchpoint you have with your clients and customers, and we help you maximize every single one of those. We’ll showcase your brand through your website, collateral materials, sales process, donor interactions, live events, and more.

Brand Strategy

We transformed the brand for this regional lawn services company and helped grow their lead volume by 26% year-over-year through digital marketing.