Velocity Effect



Triage better through real-time critical communication.​

Your critical messages can race ahead of COVID-19.

Stream your messages now onto the phones of 90% or more of residents near your hospital to reduce panic and confusion.

As COVID-19 cases mount and your protocols evolve, you need to send direct messages regarding what to do and where to go. Take control as much as possible before sick people arrive and as community triage needs heighten.

The latest hyper-geotargeting and social technology can reach almost everyone even if you don’t have their phone numbers, names, or email addresses.

We can help you:

  1. Send your message directly into the phones of 90% or more of residents near your hospital.
  2. Follow them wherever they browse on their phones. Your message shows up everywhere.
  3. Track and monitor engagement and responses.

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How hyper-geotargeting works:

We build three layers of communication that, combined together, reach 90% or more of your surrounding community:

  1. We geofence your chosen radius, zip codes, or whatever areas you want to reach, and beam your critical messages directly onto the phones of people in those zones. Your message appears as they browse:,, and millions of other websites.
  2. We place your messages at the top of their social media feeds, where they will stay until they are viewed. This includes Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  3. Your messages pop up in front of residents when they search for help on the web, through Google and Bing ads.

You can send messages daily, hourly, or however often you need to communicate and educate your community. And you can respond as they click and engage.